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Upcoming Webinar with the International IRRM


Ever wondered what data really exist for IVF? Ever wondered how to compare IVF reports per cycle to cumulative pregnancy or live birth rates over time from RRM treatments like Naprotechnology? And what about the rates of multiple pregnancy and low birth weight?

Wonder no more!

Dr. Joseph Stanford will be hosting a RRM Journal Club, leading us through a critical appraisal of the recent New England Journal of Medicine article ” Cumulative Birth Rates with Linked Assisted Reproductive Technology Cycles”. (The link for the pdf of the paper is here).

Dr. Stanford will lead us through a simple and effective technique for critical appraisal. To help you do this he has provided a one page hand out that guides us through helpful questions to ask. Click here to download it.

In order to accommodate as many schedules and timezones as possible he will kindly offer the online Journal Club at two different times:

Tuesday, Nov. 27, 10 AM Eastern Time
(3 PM GMT, 7 AM Pacific)

Tuesday, Nov. 27, 3 PM Eastern Time
(8 PM GMT, noon Pacific)

Webinars can be accessed through the website. You will need your password and we’d encourage you to check it out early so if there are any issues we can help.

Remember access to the webinars is just one of the many benefits of membership. If you’re not a member but are interested in attending the above or reviewing the recorded versions SIGN UP TODAY! Online forms are available at Sheila is also available to answer your membership questions by email or phone. Remember membership is for everyone…only by working together can we tranform reproductive medicine.